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Sarah Richards
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Do you make your own ganglines?


We wanted to go out mushing with our two dogs, along with two from another kennel last weekend, so first had to run to Cold Spot for supplies to make a four-dog line. We picked out some rope, a couple of snaps, and then found the fids... Keane really didn't want to spend $5 for a little peice of metal and we would have needed two or three of them, so we decided on asking our neighbor (who has about twenty sled dogs) for one, and if that failed, we'd improvise.


After moving into this cabin, we began the slow process of unpacking. A couple weeks ago, we were sorting through our last box, and found a bunch of pens and pencils. We separated them into jars, wondering why on Earth we needed so many writing utensils, and after agreeing that we'd never buy another pen or pencil because we obviously had enough, we set them up on the desk.


Well, as we walked down our trail toward the cabin, Keane came up with a brillian idea. "Pens!" he exclaimed.


I looked at him curiously. "Hmm?"


"We can use a pen to make a fid!" I wasn't sure whether to hug him for his brilliance, or tell him he was insane. I compromised and just smiled.


Well, after ruining a couple of pens ("Don't use the ones I like!" I yelled from downstairs), he finally found one that would work. As I fidded the lines, he made another one for the larger rope. It had worked. He had destroyed a few decent pens in the process, but we saved $15! Ah, the life of a college student with a sled dog addiction.


Gone Sleddin'


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Hey, I never thought of that! Great idea for the fids.

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I do make my own ganglines. Although I have never used a pen, though I have heard of them, they are a great idea! You can also use knitting needles if you cut off the flat end. Just go to your local walmart or knitting shop, oick out the size of needle that you need, take them home cut off the top of the needle and make your own gaglines!


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Total green horn here: What r fids????

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Well its kind of hard to explain what a fid is really. Imagine a large knitting needle with the flat end cut off at an angle . The end of the rope for a gangline will go into the end of the fid and you use the fid sort of like a sewing needle to "splice" the rope.( which means to kind of "sew" it together to make loops and to connect different pieces of rope)

I didn't really explain this very well but like I said its kind of hard to explain.

( I know this a really old post but I thought I would post anyway........I was bored...)


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