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I don't think I ever got around to posting these (since back in October I was really busy and the forums were pretty dead) but at Smush's first agility trial there was a photographer taking pictures.  I found a few of Smush on her website.    

Here are the Novice Jumpers:

Smush is the black dog in the 3rd and 4th row on page 1.  We didn't Q because I messed up, but we still took 4th place.  The black and white dog at the very bottom of page 1& top of page 2 is a McNab shepherd from my flyball team named Stewie.  It was his first trial as well, and he took 2nd place in Jumpers.

And here are the Tunnelers photos:

Smush is on the 2nd page, in the 4th row (right next to Stewie).  On the 1st page, the white JRT in the 2nd row is Figment, one of the main height dogs on my flyball team.


I left our camera at home for this trial because I figured we'd have enough other stuff to worry about, but next time I'll try and get some pictures of my own (because I'm usually too cheap to buy the proffessional ones :tongue: ).

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I love the pictures! I cants way whether i like more though^^


Forgotten and Broken Dreams always come back...Don't they?!

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