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Does anyone know any tips for a beginner musher? The only thing is I'm not using huskies or mals. I'm just using my lab. We are just doing it for fun during the winter months. I need him to stay in shape for when he dock dives in the summer.


Please help :D

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If I where you I would check out It is a great site and I love it.

"Every day is a new day!"

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Ditto Carlleen! Sleddog Central is great.  ;D 

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Yes, Sled Dog Central is a great site! If you don't already have equipment then is a good place to get it from. They also have a couple of good beginner books.

What all do you want to know? Feel free to ask all the questions you want here! I know this place seems kind of dead but I am going to try and keep up on posting here. lol :)


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