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Before you can order a box or boatload of promotional printed pens, there are a few steps you must take. , There's a good chance your graphic artist has already prepared your digital logo. What looks good on paper may not look so great on a printed pen. Follow these ten Do's and Don'ts of printed pen preparation to create a positive experience for both you and the printer.




Five Do's

5. Prepare your artwork properly. Most printers request files in an .eps format. They should be vector based. All artwork and text for your printed pens should be vector based. Artwork and text should be marked up with pantone color splits.


4. Provide artwork that is between 100% and 200% of the final size and resolution. Not only will this save file transfer time but you'll have a more accurate image of the final product.


3. Prepare your files in CMYK rather than RGB color modes. Most commercial printers use CMYK.


2. View your proofs carefully. Whether digital or physical proofs, make sure you compare the colors printed with your concept. Contact your account manager with any questions or changes before you approve the final production.


1. Realize that you are a professional at your business and not imprinting. Keep in contact with your account manager and take his or her advice. Your graphic artist (if you have one) should be able to complete all the steps your account manager requests.


Five Don'ts

5. Don't use word processing programs to create your final artwork. While word processors are great for conceptualizing an artistic vision, they are not equipped for creating print-ready images.


4. Don't assume that what your laser printer prints is what a commercial printer will produce. Laser printers will correct bold and italic fonts to create a more readable text. Commercial printers will not.


3. Don't use .jpeg or .gif image files for final submission to the printer. These will not print properly.


2. Don't automatically assume your proofs are what you expect without viewing them. These will likely be digital proofs and require your ign off? don't approve the production without viewing the proof.


1. Don't hesitate to ask for help. Most printed pen manufacturers will gladly advise you or even provide a professional artist and/or graphic designer for your project. Some printers make these professionals available free of charge with a minimum order.


What Not to Write

There are some things you simply shouldn't put on a printed pen or any promotional items. Slogans that insult a section of the population you are trying to reach or impart a lack of confidence in the user should be avoided. "Give matza to those who lost their breadwinners?might be a bit catchy but if you lost a loved one to terrorism, you wouldn't want to see this on a printed pen.


Dirty humor may be great for the poker game but shouldn't be used to promote a product that isn't strictly adult in nature. References to drinking alcohol, smoking, drug use or sex should be avoided at all costs unless you are or your clients are in one of those industries.



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